Square in Circle is the one of a kind digital agency which creates relationship between the client and consumer. The revolution of technology has changed many rules of the market. Our team consists of social media experts, research analysts and designers who have brought many ideas into form while having a good time. We do not have barriers in our workplace as we have a strong belief that creativity comes from freedom. Technology has boosted the speed of the world and all the norms and rules have become obsolete. We can link you to the digital stream and create a strong bond with the huge audience in the digital world.

You must be wondering the logic behind the name Square in Circle. Well the logic behind it was adapted very quickly and the name of the company was finalized during a lecture by our digital design professor. Our professor was explaining us the mandala effect. It is the theory of parallel universes. We will not bore you on this effect as you have google if you want to know more.


Our team currently has 5 members who are studying communication design at Karachi School of Art. All five of us specialize in various subjects and together we are a strong team capable of achieving hard goals. We plan to make the impossible possible. Every company has a well written profile and they tend to fulfill their objective. What makes us different from them is that we do not only achieve the objectives according to the brief, but we build a relationship while making sure that the client will benefit from our work.

We are in the business of communication, and for a strong communication this fast-paced digital age requires relationship and synchronization between the client and the consumer. We will be posting more about ourselves and the things we do in the coming days. Stay tuned and enjoy your day.


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