First, let me tell you what the basic commodities are ?

The basic commodity is a physical substance like sugar, corn, livestock, medicines, in simple words your daily use. We all need daily products for a living but time by time there is the lack of basic commodities in Pakistan.



People of Pakistan cannot afford high prices of food and medicines, electricity, gasoline , we also know that  Pakistan population has increased. Growing population is also aggravating the status of food insecurity in Pakistan. The production of food crops does not commensurate with the growing number of people in the country. This imbalance is compelling people especially the poor to reduce their intake of food.

There are many low price products like (sugar, rice etc) but do you think they are providing best for your health?

People who live below the poverty line have driven to hunger and destitution. These basic commodities problems are rising day by day.

The poverty rate has increased in Pakistan 30% to 40%. It means that about 40% population of Pakistan facing the lack of basic needs. Inequality is increasing day by day that results in the lack of basic needs.


In the future, Pakistan will face shortage of food and medicines. We also facing fake medicines in Pakistan. Food availability is the first and foremost important factor for food security. But it is declining in Pakistan.


People of Pakistan can’t drink pure water, it is estimated that about 200,000 children in Pakistan die every year of diarrhea diseases, these water crisis will face problem in the future. Our government should do something about water crisis.


Every single day, Pakistani people are facing load shedding problem and the electricity rate are getting high, lower class people can’t afford the bill. People died with heat storm. Whether its winter or summer, load shedding never ends.


We have also gasoline issue in Pakistan, there’s shortage of gasoline all our the country. People can’t eat their regular meal properly because of gasoline crisis. Also the government is planning to raise the prices of gasoline.

We need our government to take action against the lack of  basic commodities But the government is compromising on basic needs of poor people by their royal lifestyle. We can hope that our government will understand our needs.





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