When we talk about our own country assets, the Pakistani soil is blessed in the agricultural point of view. We have so many crops varieties that cultivated throughout the year and this is how Pakistan is most prominent around the world as a high export country on the agricultural side.


But somehow we are losing this blessing and turning it into devastation by lacking in the basic laws and the rights of our own, Peasants and the result is extremism becoming a part in the land reforms.

The Land reform concept in the worldwide means “A debate for reasserting or redistributing the land among the peasants and improvement of the soil for agricultural side.” But somehow in Pakistan, “Land reforms represent all those arrangements which are aimed at improving the rights of the workers and the landowners who are working on the land from ages. The law of Pakistan even obligate regarding the ownership and use of land so that the land area could not be landed in a few illegal hands; indeed the rights of the farmers could be protected.


But as usual the right of a poor is still in not so interesting issue in our country and this solution turning into a problem and which creates an extremism. The peasants have to go through from so many obstacles to get their rights.

Somehow these issues are taken or tapping by *Jagirs, Seth , Sarpanch or Wadairay* (The merchants) of the areas who take decisions and buy and sell the land to the *politicians or some high builders* on an illegal way which took the basic right of the farmer who is working on that land from ages and get trolled easily and steadily without knowing his rights because of no awareness and raff social status.


The land reform law in Pakistan is somehow lacking as compared to the other countries because we didn’t mention the basic agricultural development which is taken seriously in other countries. We aren’t implementing on this and this can only be done by awareness to the peasants. Who actually don’t know about their own rights? and this can only be done by the Awareness of the land reforming ownership system with legal documentation which should be a mandatory.


Availability of agriculture inputs for better cropping, a good fertilization of crops, personal Care proces plant construction, basic necessities and facilities for the farmers and better transportation or highway services so that they can easily export.


“The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.”

― Ayn Rand



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