The first question I will answer is “what is extremism?”

Extremism is a state were an individual holds extreme views concerning a subject or topic. The literal meaning of extremism is crossing the limit or being driven towards or across limits.11

Extremism today, is attached to only religious or political views. The mass media and communication has brainwashed the minds and have linked religion, radicalism and politics towards extremism. Even a search on goolge will show religion or politics a direct concern towards extremism.


I will be discussing extremism and its related problems not only regarding politics or religion, but will also show the most extremism subjects in Pakistan.


Land Reforms

There are many problems related to the ownership of land and the farmers are suffering. Their lands are being used and they are deprived of their rights. It is one of the worst forms of extremism which is happening in Pakistan. You can further read about land reforms in the separate blog “Land Reform, Better Modus leads Better Results”.



Lack of Basic Commodities

The basic commodities which an individual needs are food, water, medicine, electricity and gas. People in Pakistan who are below the poverty line are not getting pure drinking water, they do not get 3 meals a day, they are deprived of electricity and they cannot get the medicine they need on time. Each commodity has its own reasons for its scarceness. This is also a form of extremism which needs to be brought under the limits.  You can further read. You can further read about lack of basic commodities in the separate blog “Lack of basic commodities”.


Identity Crisis

You might be wondering what kind of extremism an identity can create? Well. Try clear US customs with a beard. You will know. When we talk about Pakistan, the various religious sects and political unrest in our country has created a very bad perception in the minds of other nations. Why is it that each and every Pakistani is being judged from the actions of those who are not even a part of us! Bureaucracy and politics have turned this nation into a red zone for potential tourists, businesses and other opportunities. This needs to be resolved. It is an extremism which is affecting every Pakistani in this country or the one who is abroad.



Religious and Sectarian Ideologies

Islam is a very simple and clear religion. This is the religion which gives freedom to both men and women while protecting them from harm. The question which arises here is that, why such a simple and beautiful religion is divided into so many sects and ideologies. Why is it not possible that every Muslim stands under one flag? The flag of Islam. One god, Allah and the Last messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him). Why is our religion being made so complicated? We as Muslims have divided our religion and have given a chance to those lying in wait to name us terrorists, brand our religion as radicals and extremists! This problem has crossed its limits. This is real extremism. You can further read. You can further read about religious and sectarian ideologies in the separate blog “Religion: Divided and conquered”.



These are the extreme situations which we need to take control of. We will further discuss these issues and hopefully provide solutions to counter the extremisms.



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