I did not expect this experience at all. This is amazing. A must watch. I literally mean what I have written in the title of this blog! You can interact with this movie! The story is narrated by a male’s God voice and it revolves around the journey of the 4 characters Sherry, Jango, Xara and Shabnum. The movie also portrays them as comic characters which gives a very bright vibe.

There is humour and drama from the very beginning. The interactive part comes at the end of the episode where you can literally choose the climax for the movie. There are two options which show what the character should do next. It’s amazing! I don’t think that even Bollywood has had such amazing storyline which engages its audience in the movie! You can look at the image below which shows what I am talking about here.


The story continues with episodes of 9 to 10 minutes each and an option is given in which you can choose the climax as well! This film has many surprises for you. I can give you a peek also which really made this film very unique from others. This film had a song in between when the Sherry has feelings towards Xara. The song is normal right for every movie? But Djuice made this song way apart from the usual romantics. Djuice introduced Tahir Shah! Yes Tahir Shah sings poetry in his own style. The image below shows a sneak peak of Tahir Shah in this movie Oye kuch Kar Guzar!


I have not watched the whole movie yet but I will surely do so! It is one of a kind and Djuice has shown brilliant uniqueness and creativity in this film. I am really excited for what will happen next. This has really changed the Pakistani film industry!

Here are some shots of the characters in the movie launch!



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