The technology car is moving faster and faster just link a blink of an eye. A normal buyer or a purchaser can’t imagine what’s going to surprise them on the other next day. This year was so much rated technology era but wait, guys, 2017 is almost here just to surprise us with its new innovations in technology. So the gadget lovers tighten up your seat belts because these gadgets will surely blow up your mind.


Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung galaxy 8 soon going to launch in this coming year with its WOM of The Next Galaxy. It seems this is going to be the finest mobile yet in the Samsung galaxy history.


Galaxy Note 8?

The future for Samsung’s Note phones are uncertain, they’re giving surprisingly features to and fro with their new launches. And off course after the S7 battery bombing, the customers will go to think thrice at a time to buy this new S8.

There have been some scattered reports that Samsung may abandon the Note altogether in 2017. But if the Note does make its return, then expect to see it in the fall


New iPads

After Samsung huge fall in the notes, Apple comes to tune up their iPads.

The new iPad models will focus on the Pro line, with improvements to the Apple Pencil stylus and new screen sizes.



New iMac

Apple is updating their gadgets finally with new iMac lineups. They added the new USB-C port. However, there haven’t been any solid reports on the timing of a new iMac.


IPhone 8

All the iPhone buyers hold your breaths and do start the countdown because 2017 will mark the iPhone’s tenth birthday, so expect Apple to go all out to mark the occasion.

I really don’t have any clue what’s going to be the new feature in this iPhone 8. They always surprise us with their new updates and features and yes that’s why it’s going to be love more because it’s worth buying.


Google Pixel phone updates

In 2016 Google started their line up with the Pixel, first ever phone of Google.

Although there haven’t been any reports on what Google is planning for 2017’s Pixel phone. But it seems Google finally enter into the race of these gadgets extensions. And hopefully, in coming years Google is going to be vaster in these startups.


Google’s first ever Android Laptop

Oh, my my, Google is launching its first ever laptop. After the good response on Google pixel, Google is finally extending its branches towards more devices with the new OS system called Andromeda OS. The computer is expected to launch in the fall of 2017 and show off Google’s vision for the future of Chromebooks.


Google’s Smart watch

It seems Google is really impressed with apple gadgets that they finally decided to update their android watches with new features to get in the market with the apple. Hopefully this year Google will be named after the best smart wear watches 2017 by Google android.


Microsoft’s Surface Pro new version

Microsoft giving a new surface pro in 2017. Lately but rightly. We will get refreshing features in the updated pro, so it’s pretty reasonable to expect one from Microsoft.


Microsoft Surface Book 2

Microsoft’s first-ever laptop, the Surface Book is going to update in this 2017, too. The computer system got a bit faster and more powerful this year. It seems interesting that Microsoft finally started to make changes with a time.



Windows 10 work with new virtual reality headsets

Windows new and free update going to launch this year which is correlating with VR technology. Now anyone can use a VR headset with their PC. The headsets will be cheaper and come from a variety of companies like Dell, Asus, and Lenovo.


Nintendo Switch

Gamers be ready, your favorite gaming extension is here to cherish you. The new gaming console of Nintendo that works on televisions and doubles as a portable system.

The console will be aimed at gamers who value performance over everything else. It’s expected to launch in March 2017.



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