You have seen that guy somewhere? You have an app which will get a name for the face you cannot remember.

The world is seriously changing rapidly! You don’t have to race your brains to recognize someone. There is an app for it. People used to say that “I have a guy”. Times have changed. People say “I have an app”. There are as usual many reviews for this app. Some say it’s creepy and it is invading privacy. The others say it is a very useful tool.


I’m sure private investigators are the ones who are looking forward for this app. They don’t have to follow people into dark alleys to know their true identity. Well this can also compromise their identity and might blow their cover as well. Mobile technology is seriously changing the world and trying to make life easier.  Though I’m not sure if it’s making life easier or more difficult.

Both sides have good arguments. Though it does sound creepy, now that every stranger can find out who you are. This app will also link the face to its social media accounts which is the best way to profile a person and his personality.

This app does not only display the identity of people, it also shows the identity of objects. You can point your camera towards objects and things and it will recognize it for you. It reminds me of the device “sniffer” in the Richie Rich movie.

Well we can only know for sure if this app is a disaster or a miracle when masses start using it and it has a good heavy data base of identities. Hope this read was new for you. You can scroll through more interesting news in our blog!


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